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Social and Cultural Policy S-SCP-1

Proposals that may have a significant adverse impact upon the seascape of an area should only be supported if they demonstrate that they will, in order of preference:

a) avoid
b) minimise
c) mitigate significant adverse impacts upon the seascape of an area
d) if it is not possible to mitigate significant adverse impacts, proposals should state the case for proceeding

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals should demonstrate how existing seascape and landscape assessments and local plan policy have been considered to avoid, minimise and mitigate significant adverse impacts on the seascape of an area.
  2. Proposals should demonstrate how national designated areas, such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the Dorset and East Deveon Coast World Heritage site (Juassic Coast) have been taken into account.  
  3. Proposals should assess the potential impact on seascape (views to and from the sea) from both temporary and permanent structures (including consideration of scale, design or activity. This should also take into account visibility, weather conditions and angle of views.