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Social and Cultural Policy S-HER-1

Proposals that may compromise or harm elements contributing to the significance of heritage assets should demonstrate, that they will, in order or preference:

a) Avoid 
b) minimise
c) mitigate compromise or harm. If it is not possible to mitigate, the public benefits for proceeding with the proposal must outweigh the compromise or harm to the heritage asset.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals should  identify and consider heritage assets and provide evidence which illustrates any impacts on them. In assessing public benefits, in relation to proposals that may compromise or harm heritage assets, relevant tests set out in the National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 133 should be considered. Inclusion of this information does not indicate that approval of the proposal will follow by default.
  2. Proposals should avoid direct or indirect impacts to heritage assessts in the South plan marine area. If this is not possible proposals should consider (but are not limited to) use of different construction techniques, relocation or cataloguing of assets in consultation with Historic England.
  3. A list of heritage assets are available from local authorities. 
  4. The relevant regulators and advisors, local authorities and other bodies (such as local civic societies) should be consulted to ensure that heritage assets are considered in decision-making. 
  5. All heritage assets should be considered, including those that are not designated or have been discovered during development.

Protected landscapes

Heritage Assets