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Ports and Shipping Policy S-PS-3

Proposals that require static sea surface infrastructure or that significantly reduce under- keel clearance which encroach upon high density navigation routes, or that pose a risk to the viability of passenger ferry services, must not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Policy Consideration

1. Proposals using static sea surface infrastructure which may 
- encroach upon high density navigation routes 
- cause a risk to the viability of passenger services 
- should use a Navigational Risk Assessment or similar document, to show that the proposal meets the policy requirements. 

2.  Proposals for land-based activities and developments which may may cause a risk to the viability of high density navigation routes or passenger services, should show how they meet the policy requirements. For example, altering  port infrastructure which may impact vessel berths, road and rail networks and visitor facilities such as car parks. 

3. Proposals should show that they have consulted relevent navigation and harbour authorities, public authorities and commercial shipping representatives.

5. In exceptional circumstances, proposals should state the case for proceeding, including how the proposal supports the South Marine Plan vision, objectives and policies.  Inclusion of this information does not indicate that approval of the proposal will follow by default.