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Ports and Shipping Policy S-PS-1

Proposals that may have a significant impact upon current activity and future opportunity for expansion of port and harbour activities should demonstrate that they will, in order of preference:
a) avoid
b) minimise
c) mitigate significant adverse impacts upon port and harbour activity, or
d) if it is not possible to mitigate the significant adverse impacts, proposals should state the case for proceeding.

Policy Considerations

1.  Proposals should provide evidence of assessment of the potential impacts on port and harbour activities. Evidence should show organisations consulted, and how their activities and future growth have been considered. For example consideration of: 

navigational access channels
navigational approach channels
port administrative areas
harbour areas
other relevant areas, such as anchoring areas

2. If it is not possible to avoid impacts, minimisation or mitigation of direct and indirect impacts should be considered. Proposals should include how this will be achieved. For example, showing that the proposal will complement port or harbour activity and or co-ordinating proposal activity to take place when other port activity is minimal.

3. Proposals should include any impacts on port master plans, including neighbouring port or harbour authorities 

4.  If it can not mitigate adverse impacts it should included  information supporting the  case for proceeding