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Fishing and Aquaculture Policy S-FISH-4-HER

Proposals will consider herring spawning mitigation in the area highlighted on figure 25 (in the technical annex) during the period 01 November to the last day of February annually.

Policy Considerations

  1. This policy only applies to proposals which take place during herring spawning migration - 1 November to  28/29 February annually.
  2. Proposals should use the map attached to policy  S-FISH-4-HER to understand and mitigate any impacts on herring spawning migration.
  3. The map shows four levels of herring spawning (green, yellow, orange and red), with green being the areas with the lowest level of herring spawning and red being the highest.
  4. Proposals should must demonstrate how to mitigate any impacts to herring spawning in the green, yellow, orange and red areas highlighted in the map. Proposals which don't include any mitgation measures must justify why

    Example: Dredging
    - green areas: low herring spawning potential so no mitigation is needed
    - yellow and orange areas: medium herring spawning potential so manage extraction between 1 December to 31 January by avoiding areas or reducing intensity of extraction
    - red areas: No extraction in the peak spawning period from the 1 December to 31 January annually. During the high herring spawning potential so limit extraction intensity between 1 to 30 November and 1 to 28/29 February by avoiding areas and time/intensity of extraction

    Example: Piling
    - green areas: low herring spawning potential so mitigation only needed if there is noise impact
    - yellow, orange and red areas: medium to high herring spawning potential so no activity should take place from 1 November to 31 January
  5. Mitigation should be aligned to the current International Council for the Exploration of the Sea advice