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Fishing and Aquaculture Policy S-FISH-1

Proposals that support the diversification of a sustainable fishing industry and or enhance fishing industry resilience to the effects of climate change should be supported.

Policy Considerations

1. Proposals should show how they support the diversification of the fishing industry and improve fishing industry resilience to climate change. 

2. Proposals for diversification in relation to a sustainable fishing industry could include:
- fishing activities (fishing techniques and gear)
- fish value chain (direct sales, marketing) 
- undertaking both fishing and non-fishing activities (use of fishing vessels as guardships for offshore developments)
- processing of and markets for new species that facilitate adaptation
- adapting the safety and efficiency of fishing or aquaculture operations for example in relation to storms that reduce the magnitude of changes faced by the fishing sector

3. Proposals should show that the local fishing sector support any proposed diversification or resilience opportunities. Possible contacts include
- Fisheries Local Action Groups 
- National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations
- New Under Ten Fishermen's Association
- North Western Waters Advisory Council - English Channel Working Group