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Fishing and Aquaculture Policy S-AQ-2

Proposals that enable the provision of infrastructure for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture and related industries will be supported.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals should enable the provision of infrastructure for sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and related industries. Information should be included which illustrate how proposals are supportive.
  2. The following organisations can help understand how a proposal could support sustainable infrastructure for aquaculture and fisheries. 
    - Seafish: advice on the distribution and requirements of capture fisheries and aquaculture industry
    - Shellfish Association of Great Britain: advice on shellfish specific fisheries and aquaculture requirements
    - Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities :detailed knowledge of local fisheries and aquaculture operations
  3. Sustainable aquaculture and fisheries infrastructure to consider could include:
    - ports and harbours offloading facilities (vessel berths for dry goods landing) 
    - storage and processing facilities (including depuration plants for shellfish and storage for wet fish, dry goods and other produce)
    - repair and chandlery facilities
    - markets
    - local food establishments
    - transport of produce to shore and once on shore (logistics companies)
    - supporting structures at sea such as ropes or cages or similar fixed structures