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Environment Policy S-NIS-1

Proposals must put in place appropriate measures to avoid or minimise significant adverse impacts on the marine area that would arise through the introduction and transport of non-indigenous species, particularly when:

  1. Moving equipment, boats or live stock (for example fish and shellfish) from one water body to another;
  2. Introducing structures suitable for settlement of non-indigenous species, or the spread of invasive non-indigenous species known to exist in the area.

Policy Considerations

  1. The proposal must provide consideration of the potential for the spread of non-indigenous species. The proposal must either avoid, minimise or mitigate any adverse impacts when transporting or introducing non-indigenous species and provide evidence to illustrate how this has been considered.
  2. It may be benefical to use specific action plans for invasive species and understanding of the main methods invasive species are introduced or transported should be used when developing or assessing proposals. 
  3. Marinas and ports are encouraged to promote awareness of non indigenous species. This includes how artificial structures can be used as a platform and/or stepping stone for the spread of invasive and non indigenous species. 
  4. The Green Blue  can provide more information non native and invasive species.  
  5. A list of invasive non-indigenous species known to occur in the south marine plan areas can be found in the South Plans Analytical Report.