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Environment Policy S-MPA-4

Until it becomes possible to assess the coherence of the marine protected area network proposals should demonstrate they will not prevent the future inclusion of identified features within the network.

Policy Considerations

1. Proposals should show that they have taken into account potential and identified marine protected areas (MPA) as well as ones that have already been designated.
2. Natural England can provide more information on potential sites and features.
3. Proposals should show that they have considered impacts on individual MPAs and the ecological coherence of the MPA network.
4. More information on MPA features is available from 

- Features of Conservation Importance 
- Annex 1 habitats 
- Species listed under S41 
- Oslo/Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic

5. Natural England's species list (S41) can help find out which are prioirity habitats and species for section 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework.