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Environment Policy S-MPA-2

Proposals that may have adverse impacts on an individual marine protected area’s ability to adapt to climate change and so reducing the resilience of the marine protected area network must demonstrate that they will, in order of preference:

a) avoid
b) minimise
c) mitigate adverse impacts

Policy Considerations

1. Proposals must provide evidence how they have considered any potential impacts on a marine protected area's ability to adapt to climate change.

2. If it is not possible to avoid significant adverse impacts, proposals should incorporate (but not limited to) the following; avoidance of work during seasonal migrations or reduction in the time spent carrying out a construction activity, the use of soft infrastructure to allow boundary changes should they need to occur.

3. It may be benefical to consult the following organisations for advice on climate change adaptation when developing proposals:

  • Natural England
  • JNCC

4. Proposals must demonstrate inlcusion of climate change projections from sources including the Climate Change Risk Assessment, United Kingdom Climate Projections (UKCP09) and Marine Climate Change Impact Partnership reports.