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Environment Policy S-BIO-4

Proposals that enhance the distribution and net extent of priority habitats should be supported. Proposals must demonstrate that they will avoid reducing the distribution and net extent of priority habitats.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals that enhance the distribution and net extent of priority habitats should include supporting information demonstrating how this will be achieved. Such measures include but are not limited to saltmarsh restorations schemes or the removal of hard erosion and flood defence structures to make way for soft natural defence measures.
  2. Proposals that offer enhamcement must also assess adverse impacts in line with relevant legislation and regulations including Habitats Regulations Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and other national legislation. Enhancement is not a substitute for avoidance, protection or mitigation measures.
  3. Proposals must show where any activity or development will reduce the distribution/extent of a priority habitat. This should be supported by all available evidence on priority habitats in the area, and further evidence may be needed if there are gaps.
  4. Details of priority habitats are available from Natural England. Priority habitats are habitats that are of 'principle importance' for biodiveristy conservation. Proposals should include details of discussions and consultation with Natural England.
  5. Proposals may include a map to show where activity is in relation to priority habitats. 
  6. Proposals within Marine Conservation Zones or European Marine Sites must include an assessment of the potential effect upon the interest features of the protected sites.