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Energy Policy S-TIDE-1

Proposals in areas under seabed agreement for tidal energy generation should demonstrate that they will, in order of preference:

a) avoid.
b) minimise
c) mitigate
d) if it is not possible to mitigate significant adverse impacts, proposals should state the case for proceeding.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals should provide evidence of an assessment of the potential impact of on any area under seabed agreement for tidal energy generation.
  2. Proposals should avoid, minimise or mitigate the direct or indirect impacts to tidal energy generation areas. For example by showing compatability with tidal energy generation, limiting impact on the tidal energy site's ability to generate electricity or planning activity to take place at periods of low generation.
  3. Proposals could include a map showing the size and location of the proposal in relation to any areas with agreement for tidal enery generation.  
  4. Further information on identified tidal stream projects is available from The Crown Estate, who can help understand the potential impacts of proposals on tidal energy projects.