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Energy Policy S-OG-1

Proposals in areas where a licence for oil and gas has been granted or formally applied for should not be authorised unless it is demonstrated that the other development or activity is compatible with the oil and gas activity.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals that might impact on current or future exploration or production of oil and gas, should show how the  Oil and Gas Authority and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Oil and Gas Environment and Decommissioning team (DECC OGED) have been consulted. 
  2. Proposals should include co-location options for any oil and gas activity in or around an oil and gas licence block.
  3. Proposals in or affecting an area licensed for oil and gas production, should include any agreements with the licence holder.
  4. We recommend early engagement with an oil or gas licence holder. This will help understand any potential issues or conflicts and begin any negotiations with the licence holder, the Oil and Gas Authority and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as early as possible.