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As set out in the Marine Policy Statement, secure, sustainable and affordable supply of energy is of central importance to the economic and social wellbeing of the UK.

The marine environment will make an increasing contribution to the provision of the UK’s energy supply and distribution. This contribution includes the oil and gas sectors which supply a major part of our current energy needs, and a growing contribution from renewable energy and from other forms of low carbon energy supply in response to the challenges of tackling climate change and energy security.

Please use our interactive map to view and combine marine plan policy data.


Proposals in areas where a licence for oil and gas has been granted or formally applied for should not be authorised unless it is demonstrated that the other development or activity is compatible with the oil and gas activity.


Proposals that support the development of supply chains associated with the deployment of renewable energy will be supported.


Proposals in areas under seabed agreement for tidal energy generation should demonstrate that they will, in order of preference:

a) avoid.
b) minimise
c) mitigate
d) if it is not possible to mitigate significant adverse impacts, proposals should state the case for proceeding.