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Climate Change Policy S-CC-4

Proposals that may have a significant adverse impact on habitats that provide a flood defence or carbon sequestration ecosystem service must demonstrate that they will, in order or preference:

a) avoid
b) minimise
c) mitigate significant adverse impacts.

Policy considerations

  1. Proposals should identify and describe habitats within the proposal area and determine whether they provide a carbon sequestration (absorb and store carbon) or flood defence ecosystem service.  If there are gaps in evidence, specific evidence may be needed to support the proposal.
  2. Proposals must identify whether they are likley to have any significant adverse impact on habitats that provide a carbon sequestration or flood defence ecosystem service. Supporting evidence should be submitted to support any conclusions. 
  3. If it is not possible to avoid significant adverse impacts, proposals should consider (but not be limited to) reducing the size of structures, therefore decreasing the quantity of sediment bypassing and associated avoid sediment loss and/or innovative engineering design.
  4. Proposals may include a map of the location of their activity showing its relation to relevant habitats. 
  5. It may be benefical to use the following when developing proposal:

    - Natural England
    - JNCC