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Climate Change Policy S-CC-3

Proposals in and adjacent to the south marine plan areas that are likely to have a significant adverse impact on coastal change should not be supported.

Policy considerations

1. Impacts on Coastal Change should be clearly demonstrated. This should consider the installation, operation, maintenance and decomissioning phases during the lifetime of a project, including indirect effects.
2. It may be benefical to use the following when developing proposal:

  • UK Climate Change Projections that are produced using methodology designed by the Met Office
  • UK Government Climate Change Risk Assessments that describe the main priorities for adaptation to climate change in the UK
  • Marine Climate Change Impact Partnership reports
  • Shoreline Managment Plans
  • Estuary Management Plans
  • Local Flood Risk Management Strategies (these include managed realignment schemes, soft flood defences and planning lines)

3. Proposals should include any consultation with public authorities, landowners and businesses . This should include those geographically near the development and those who will grant any other consents.