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Cables Policy S-CAB-1

Preference should be given to propossals for cable installation where the method of installation is burial. Where burial is not achievable, decisions should take account of protection measures for the cable that may be proposed by the applicant. Where burial or protection measures are not appropriate, proposals should state the case for proceeding without those measures.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals should show that they have considered the potential for cable burial and include a description of how this will be achieved.
  2. If cables can not be buried, proposals should include details of alternative protection measures (such as split pipe, grout bags, rock placement, or mattressing), taking account of individual circumstances such as normal depth limitations.
  3. Reasons for non-burial may include socio-economic, environmental impact reduction, affordability and physical limitation reasons.
  4. Proposals should include assessment of risk to cables, including protection measures in place and any further mitigation needed.
  5. Best practice and guidance should be used where possible. For example The Crown Estate study and Proximity of offshore renewable energy installations & submarine cable infrastructure in UK waters guidelines and support industry best practice guidance