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South East

The south east marine area includes the inshore marine plan area only; there is no south east offshore marine plan area. The south east inshore marine plan area covers an area of approximately 1,400 kilometres of coastline stretching from Felixstowe to near Dover, taking in over 3,900 square kilometres of sea.

Our first products (Iteration 1)

In Spring 2017 we consulted on our first products of the process that will lead to the development of the south east marine plan. Thank you for your contribution to the development of these products. We provided example marine plan policies and a digital format for consideration. Feedback on this material is helping us develop marine plans.

We will provide further material as the plan develops.  The next full round of public engagement, on our Iteration 2 products, will be in the first part of 2018. A timeline for marine plan production and an overview of our approach is in the Statement of Public Participation.

Using the marine plans

Until this marine plan is adopted you should use the Marine Policy Statement. The Marine Policy Statement is the relevant policy document for use when making decisions and developing proposals.


Your local marine planning contact in these plan areas is Tom Pavitt located in the London office.