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South East

These proposed draft policies are in development and are not a consideration when in drafting applications or making a decision. You can comment on these policies through our online questionnaire and workshops.

The south east marine area includes the inshore marine plan area only; there is no south east offshore marine plan area. The south east inshore marine plan area covers an area of approximately 1,400 kilometres of coastline stretching from Felixstowe to near Dover, taking in over 3,900 square kilometres of sea.

Evidence and issues workshops

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Call for Issues with Supporting Evidence. We have analysed the responses and they have been used in the development of iteration 1.

Development of iteration 1

The MMO have produced iteration 1 for the south east marine plan areas. Iteration 1 is an update on progress of marine plan development and a chance for you to provide comment and feedback on the team’s findings.

This is the first step in the development of the marine plan for the south east. A timeline for the production of the marine plan can be found in the Statement of Public Participation.

Policies in development

The policies below are in development and have been drafted considering the issues raised in the evidence and issues gathering workshops. Issues often link to national or international policy and apply across more than one plan area. It may be appropriate to address such issues with a common policy. Where we feel a common policy could be used to address an issue in the north east we have drafted a policy based on experience in the east Marine Plans and the draft south Marine Plan. You can view all of the issues identified for the south east marine plan area that are addressed by policies developed for other plan.

Using the marine plans

Until this marine plan is adopted you should use the Marine Policy Statement, which is the relevant policy document to be used when making decisions and proposals. You should also consider the East Marine Plans as they border the south east marine plan area.


Your local marine planning contact in these plan areas is Pete Cosgrove located in the London office.