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Marine planning evidence base

The marine planning evidence base presents information on all sectors and activities submitted to support the development of marine plans, including environmental, economic and social data. Data included comes from a range of sources, including the Marine Management Organisation, delivery partners and industry. 

Other types of evidence also support the development of marine plans including reports and academic papers. A list of our published papers is available.

By providing access to the marine planning evidence base we can ensure that data is robust, fit for purpose and relevant to marine planning. If you have any comments on the published data please complete the following form.

For more information about marine planning or to discuss any issues contact the marine planning team, 0191 376 2790.

How to use the marine planning evidence base interactive map

The interactive map allows you to view spatial data relating to your area of interest. Further information on map features can be found by clicking the information (‘i’) button within the marine planning evidence base interactive map window.

How to submit your data

We welcome suggestions to change or add to data and information to strengthen the evidence base – find out how to do so here.

Before submitting evidence please review our online guidance documents. Any new dataset will be subjected to a quality assurance process. Any other comments received will be responded to within 20 days.

Data can be submitted to the marine planning team for review either by email, as an attachment (for files less than 10MB) or through a cloud based storage service. Alternatively data can be submitted on a CD/DVD by post to Marine Planning Team, Marine Management Organisation, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle, NE4 7YH.