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Tourism and Recreation Policy TR3

Proposals that deliver sustainable tourism and/or recreation related benefits in communities adjacent to the East Marine Plan areas should be supported.

Policy Considerations

  1. This policy supports proposals that deliver tourism and/or recreation related benefits through their proposal, either directly – the primary purpose of the application is tourism or recreation – or indirectly – new tourism or recreation activities are an additional benefit, alongside the original purpose of the development, such as an offshore wind farm or port expansion.
  2. It may be beneficial for a proponent to demonstrate how they are proactively supporting tourism and recreation development. This could include, but is not limited to:
    • the general diversification of activities, particularly where they are accessible all year round
    • providing slipways
    • coastal footpaths
    • ensuring coastal access
    • wildlife watching
    • adding to or improving existing tourism facilities and opportunities like visiting heritage assets or areas of historic environment
    • sustainable tourism and recreation activities which incorporate improvements in the quality of the natural environment
  3. New forms of tourism and recreation should not harm what currently exists, rather sit alongside and complement it.