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Social and Cultural Policy SOC1

Proposals that provide health and social wellbeing benefits including through maintaining, or enhancing, access to the coast and marine area should be supported.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals that bring positive benefits to society will be supported and proposals may wish consider, but do not limited themselves to:
    • local community renewable energy generation – standalone or co-located
    • investment in rural amenities and services to build social capital
    • representation through physical and digital interpretation of the natural and historic environment
    • educational initiatives supporting marine activities
    • managing and providing access to, and volunteering at, nature reserves
    • apprenticeships and job placements, especially for young people
  2. In preparing plans, strategies or both that are next to the East marine plan areas – like National Park plans, areas of outstanding natural beauty management plans, marine protected areas, local development frameworks – providing health and social wellbeing benefits should be considered.
  3. A proponent may wish to consider demonstrating an awareness of potential negative impacts like disturbing wildlife, designated sites and other habitats, or upon flood defences and river control structures arising from recreation and access.