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Ports and Shipping Policy PS3

Proposals should demonstrate, in order of preference:

  1. that they will not interfere with current activity and future opportunity for expansion of ports and harbours
  2. how, if the proposal may interfere with current activity and future opportunities for expansion they will minimise this
  3. how, if the interference cannot be minimised, it will be mitigated
  4. the case for proceeding if it is not possible to minimise or mitigate the interference

Policy Considerations

  1. This policy sets out contributing to protecting the efficiency and resilience of continuing port operations, and further port development – see section 3.4.7 of the Marine Policy Statement.
  2. In identifying future opportunities for port or harbour expansion, a proponent may wish to consider consulting with the appropriate decision maker and demonstrate that ports and harbours' reasoned representations have been accounted for in proposals.
  3. In understanding where future port or harbour use may need to be accommodated, proposals that are situated in and around ports and harbours a proponent may wish to consider access or approach channels.
  4. Where they exist, port master plans and their descriptions of current and future activity may be useful information in the formation of proposals.
  5. This policy is not intended to influence factors related to competition between ports and should not result in consideration related to competition being factored in to decision making on the basis of these marine plans.

This plan policy references the following data sources:

Please contact the owner for the most up-to-date data for your decision-making activities.