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Ports and Shipping Policy PS2

Proposals that require static sea surface infrastructure that encroaches upon important navigation routes should not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Proposals should:

  1. be compatible with the need to maintain space for safe navigation, avoiding adverse economic impact
  2. anticipate and provide for future safe navigational requirements where evidence and/or stakeholder input allows
  3. account for impacts upon navigation in-combination with other existing and proposed activities

Policy Considerations

  1. This policy seeks to minimise negative impacts upon shipping activity beyond areas identified by the International Maritime Organization (see PS1).
  2. In addition to the information on important navigation routes within the map below, as well as context provided here underĀ PS3, it may be beneficial to seek additional data sources to inform a proposal.
  3. It should be demonstrated that the outcomes of consultation with harbour and other navigation authorities, public authorities and commercial shipping have informed proposals.
  4. Where proposals include multiple sites, or are made in the knowledge of similar and/or related forthcoming proposals, the combined impact upon existing and projected navigation activity patterns should be shown to inform related submissions.
  5. A proponent may wish to include a navigational risk assessment in consideration of the policy within a proposal.

This plan policy references the following data sources:

  • East marine plan areas (MMO)
  • Important navigation routes (MMO)

Please contact the owner for the most up-to-date data for your decision-making activities.