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Governance Policy GOV3

Proposals should demonstrate in order of preference:

  1. that they will avoid displacement of other existing or authorised (but yet to be implemented) activities
  2. how, if there are impacts resulting in displacement by the proposal activity, they will minimise them
  3. how, if the impacts resulting in displacement by the proposal activity, cannot be minimised, they will be mitigated against
  4. the case for proceeding with the proposal if it is not possible to minimise or mitigate the impacts of displacement

Policy Considerations

  1. Proposals that result in levels of displacement with adverse effects in excess of the benefits gained are unlikely to be supported.
  2. Proponents may wish to consider the submission of supporting information, proportionate to the development proposed, that would illustrate any potential displacement impacts, (this may include consultation to identify displacement issues at scoping stage which some applicants are currently required to do), and suggested measures to minimise or mitigate them.