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Governance Policy GOV1

Appropriate provision should be made for infrastructure on land which supports activities in the marine area and vice versa.

Policy Considerations

  1. Proponents may wish to consider submitting a single integrated proposal where marine and land-based infrastructure are involved.
  2. Some developments on land require marine infrastructure like cables or outfall pipes to operate. This infrastructure may be located in another marine plan area or on land that does not adjoin the East marine plan areas, so it may be beneficial for this to be acknowledged in a proposal. This may be facilities to land and process marine aggregates
  3. Statutory plans, such as local authority local plans may provide useful information on existing infrastructure provision and future requirements.
  4. Public authorities should be aware of 'A coastal concordat for England' for proposals with terrestrial and marine authorisations as to be considered through a co-ordinated process.

Selected statutory and non-statutory management plans