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Environment Policy ECO1

Cumulative impacts affecting the ecosystem of the East Marine Plans and adjacent areas (marine, terrestrial) should be addressed in decision-making and plan implementation.

Policy Considerations

  1. Cumulative effects can arise from a range of pressures like disturbance or damage to the seabed. The effect of such pressures and whether or not they have an impact will depend on the sensitivity of the components of the ecosystem that are affected and the level of exposure to those pressures.
  2. There is an expectation supported by the Marine Policy Statement that more should be done to ensure that the collective pressure of human activities is kept within levels compatible with achievement of good environmental status. As such, interested parties should aim to remain up to date and engaged with initiatives to improve understanding and management of cumulative effects and impacts.
  3. The policy supports the aim of integration across and between different plans in referring to the impacts of marine activities on the terrestrial, as well as marine ecosystems and vice-versa. See also objective 10 on governance in general and GOV3 when considering the specific inter-activity cumulative impact of displacement.