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Energy Policy TIDE1

In defined areas of identified tidal stream resource, proposals should demonstrate, in order of preference:

  1. that they will not compromise potential future development of a tidal stream project
  2. how, if there are any adverse negative impacts on potential tidal stream deployment, they will minimise them
  3. how, if the adverse impacts cannot be minimised, they will be mitigated
  4. the case for proceeding with the proposal if it is not possible to minimise or mitigate the adverse impacts

Policy Considerations

  1. Proponents may wish to consider providing a map as part of an application showing the extent and nature of the proposal and its relation to the vicinity of an area of identified tidal stream resource. The Crown Estate has further information on identified areas of tidal stream resource.
  2. Proponents may wish to consider how a proposed project will not prevent future development within an area of identified tidal stream resource within a proposal.
  3. Where proposals are unable to mitigate or minimise adverse impacts to the identified areas of tidal stream resource, it may be beneficial to include an assessment of the importance of the proposal to meet other marine plan policies and objectives or that there are no other alternative locations for the proposal and the reasons why.

This plan policy references the following data sources:

Please contact the owner for the most up-to-date data for your decision-making activities.