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Energy Policy OG2

Proposals for new oil and gas activities should be supported over proposals for other development.

Policy Considerations

  1. The Department of Energy and Climate Change, as the licensing authority for oil and gas activity, should be contacted at an early stage of developing a proposal. They can advise as to the full process of development for oil and gas activities and whether other activities are likely to be affected by OG2.
  2. In addition to the information on oil and gas production within the map below it may be beneficial to seek additional data sources which detail the scale of the exclusion zones that exist around oil and gas production infrastructure.
  3. Where an oil and gas activity has the potential to affect other activities, there may be mechanisms whereby the impact other activity can be lessened. The public authorities involved in assessing proposals may be able to advise on whether such mechanisms exist.
  4. Oil and gas infrastructure may include pipelines, wells, terminals and platforms and as such can extend beyond the area covered by oil fields.