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Economic Policy EC2

Proposals that provide additional employment benefits should be supported, particularly where these benefits have the potential to meet employment needs in localities close to the marine plan areas.

Policy Considerations

  1. See Office for National Statistics for an explanation of employment. A propoent may wish to consider this explanation in the development of a proposal.
  2. Local council websites often have useful economic information, or links to local research and information providers. Planning web pages can be good place to start, and local planning documents often include economic analysis to support their plans. This may highlight what kind of skills are available or being developed locally, and therefore where a proposal might be able to meet local employment needs.
  3. A proposal might not generate a lot of employment directly, but it might enable employment through linked activities, like providing resources to be used throughout a supply chain. A description of this could be included in a proposal, to help demonstrate its full economic benefit.
  4. 'Additionality' is a concept that aims to look at what a project can provide over and above what is likely to happen anyway. For a potential approach on how to estimate GVA place see the information from Scottish Enterprise (PDF 816.4KB).
  5. This policy should be applied proportionately, so the amount of time spent estimating and the accuracy of estimates of GVA and additionallity should reflect the size and complexity of the proposal. In practice this means that these estimates may only be possible or appropriate or possible and appropriate for proposals with significant levels of employment, or expected income or expenditure.