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Dredging and Disposal Policy DD1

Proposals within or adjacent to licensed dredging and disposal areas should demonstrate, in order of preference:

  1. that they will not adversely affect dredging and disposal activities
  2. how, if there are adverse impacts on dredging and disposal, they will minimise these
  3. how, if the adverse impacts cannot be minimised they will be mitigated
  4. the case for proceeding with the proposal if it is not possible to minimise or mitigate the adverse impacts

Policy Considerations

  1. This policy should be considered in line with ECO1 and take account of potential cumulative impacts on the ecosystem of the east plan area.
  2. The map below identifies existing dredging disposal sites within the East marine plan area. A proponent for new dredge sites may wish to provide consultation and/or supporting evidence to decision makers within a proposal which highlight any issues and what steps have been identified in order to minimise or mitigate them.