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Defence Policy DEF1

Development in or affecting Ministry of Defence (MOD) danger and exercise areas should not be authorised without agreement from MOD.

Policy Considerations

  1. MOD is a consultee for the licensing of marine developments, to ensure offshore activities and developments do not adversely affect strategic defence interests or inhibit the use of designated danger and exercise areas.
  2. A proponent may wish to consider consulting with the appropriate decision maker and MOD in all circumstances to verify whether defence interests will be affected and ensure that national defence capabilities and interests are not compromised. Any applications which would adversely affect defence activities would need to demonstrate that permission had been granted by MOD, to ensure that the impact of a proposal does not conflict with the military use.
  3. MOD may seek mitigation measures to overcome any identified adverse effects on defence interests so that the development can proceed. MOD also engages in preparing development plans governing both on and offshore development to ensure MOD interests are appropriately recognised and taken into account.

This plan policy references the following data sources:

Please contact the owner for the most up-to-date data for your decision-making activities.