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Climate Change Policy CC2

Proposals for development should minimise emissions of greenhouse gases as far as is appropriate. Mitigation measures will also be encouraged where emissions remain following minimising steps. Consideration should also be given to emissions from other activities or users affected by the proposal.

Policy Considerations

  1. The aim of this policy is to minimise direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases related to proposals in the East marine plan areas.
  2. The approach taken by this policy to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases may account for the following in relation to minimising and mitigating steps:
    • emissions directly related to the activity proposed including greenhouse gases directly associated with construction, operation and/or decommissioning where appropriate
    • emissions indirectly related to the activity proposed including increased journey length for vessels arising from development
    • impact the activity may have on measures already in place as part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (for example, carbon offsetting measures or incorporation of renewable energy generation)
  3. Smaller-scale projects may have significant emissions considerations too, for example in relation to co-location of other activities, identification and need for assessment of such projects should be at the discretion of the decision maker. Therefore, a proponent may wish to consider engaging with the appropriate decision maker at the earliest opportunity for a proposal to identify relevance of assessment.
  4. In responding to this policy, it may be useful to refer to pertinent guidance documents such as the Department of Energy and Climate Change 'Guidance on carbon neutrality' from 2009, which describes matters such as how to define the scope of emissions.