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Climate Change Policy CC1

Proposals should demonstrate that they have taken account of how they may:

  • be impacted upon by, and respond to, climate change over their lifetime
  • impact upon any climate change adaptation measures elsewhere during their lifetime

Where detrimental impacts on climate change adaptation measures are identified, evidence should be provided as to how the proposal will reduce such impacts.

Policy considerations

  1. A proponent may wish to consider phases such as installation, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning in relation to climate change within a proposal. An understanding of any changes to a site that may occur during its lifetime and the knock-on effects that might impact upon the proposal may be pertinent.
  2. Impacts generated by a proposal that might affect climate change adaptation measures elsewhere may include examination of both man-made management regimes or structures, like coastal defences or outfalls, as well as natural processes such as sediment regimes or habitats that play a role in enabling adaptation to climate change.
  3. A proponent may wish to consider impacts upon adaptation to climate change that may include matters related to society, economic factors, and the environment.
  4. Important reference documents to aid in interpreting this policy are the:
  5. Other plans that may be useful in supporting a response to this policy include shoreline management plans, estuary management plans, and local flood risk management strategies.