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Climate Change

Marine plans can make a contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation in line with UK national policies and moves towards a low carbon economy through proportionate implementation of specific-marine plan policies. The UK government has committed to the European Union (EU) Renewable Energy Directive, which obligates the UK to generate 15% of all its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020. This target will contribute to the reduction of the UKs carbon budget in line with the Climate Change Act 2008.

Please use our interactive map to view and combine marine plan policy data.


Proposals should demonstrate that they have taken account of how they may:

  • be impacted upon by, and respond to, climate change over their lifetime
  • impact upon any climate change adaptation measures elsewhere during their lifetime

Where detrimental impacts on climate change adaptation measures are identified, evidence should be provided as to how the proposal will reduce such impacts.


Proposals for development should minimise emissions of greenhouse gases as far as is appropriate. Mitigation measures will also be encouraged where emissions remain following minimising steps. Consideration should also be given to emissions from other activities or users affected by the proposal.