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Marine aggregates play an important role in the supply of aggregates nationally. Demand is predominantly for use in construction projects, supporting associated benefits such as investment and jobs, and contributing to the economy both in the UK and in Europe.

The East Marine Plan areas typically account for over half of the total extraction of marine aggregates (by weight) at a national level.

Please use our interactive map to view and combine marine plan policy data.


Proposals in areas where a licence for extraction of aggregates has been granted or formally applied for should not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Proposals within an area subject to an exploration and option agreement with The Crown Estate should not be supported unless it is demonstrated that the other development or activity is compatible with aggregate extraction or there are exceptional circumstances.


Within defined areas of high potential aggregate resource, proposals should demonstrate in order of preference:

  1. that they will not, prevent aggregate extraction
  2. how, if there are adverse impacts on aggregate extraction, they will minimise them mitigate these
  3. how, if the adverse impacts cannot be minimised, they will be mitigated
  4. the case for proceeding with the application if it is not possible to minimise or mitigate the adverse impact.