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Marine planning areas across England

Welcome to the Marine Information System (MIS). The MIS displays the appropriate marine policy documents for all of England’s marine plan areas in an accessible online, quick reference format. It is aimed at interested parties seeking to understand marine plans, particularly in the context of proposals. This resource is also designed to provide support to public authorities in their use of marine plans in decision making.

How to use MIS

Within MIS, the marine plan policies have been allocated into categories relating to the various considerations addressed by each adopted marine plan and the Marine Policy Statement (MPS).

Within each policy category a map shows data related to each policy of adopted marine plans, alongside text setting out considerations that will aid in the interpretation of marine plan policies in the context of any given interest or proposal.

The MIS also contains an interactive map that allows you to layer marine plan policy data relating your area of interest alongside information related to marine licenses.  

It is important to note that the MIS is not intended to be used in isolation for the purposes of decision making and in most cases additional site-specific assessments will be required to inform proposals. The term 'proposal' is used to cover all types of applications, decisions, developments and management measures.

When considering the marine plan policies within MIS, you should bear in mind that:

  • policies should not be read in isolation as more than one policy could apply to any proposal
  • policies should be applied proportionately depending on the size and complexity of the proposal or activity
  • policies should be applied alongside existing legislation and information where relevant, including requirements  for Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment where necessary.

Marine planning evidence base

In an area absent of an adopted marine plan, the MMO has a tool that allows you to view a range of spatial data that make up the marine planning evidence base which will be considered in the marine planning process. Please visit the marine planning evidence base to view this information. 


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04 Apr 2019

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